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What is Risk Management Toolkit?

The Toolkit enables you to manage risk at three levels:-

• Strategic risk - impacting the viability and success of the business
• Operational risk - arising from the work conducted by the business
• Regulatory risk - relating to the need to comply with the rules and regulations

Risk Management Toolkit is a set of Policies, procedures, tool and templates that you need to implement a risk management framework in your organisation.  All the information is complete in all respect to get you started. It comes to you in a fully editable and zip file with all original word and excel files for you to use.

Toolkit meets all Regulatory requirements
The policies and set of tools, templates, reports and form meet most regulatory requirements. For industry specific requirements, please get in touch with us to provide you an overview of what else you might require, in case it is not already part of the toolkit.

Insurance Management

1. Effective translation of client's business and philosophy to An  insurer and other related parties

2. Advice on portfolio management 

3. Advice on Develop  innovative products 

4. Advice on project insurance

5. Information on various insurance products available in India and international market

6.  Unbiased Assistance in selecting the appropriate insurance product(s) 

7. Representation to various regulatory bodies on insurance related matters

8. Negotiate with insurers on behalf of clients 

9. Assistance in selecting the insurer(s) 

10. Advice on claims related matters 

11.  Advice on maintaining appropriate records for claims recovery
  • Insurance Formation & Management -  Effectively, an outsourced insurance and risk management team.
  • Arranging annual Insurance Audit.
  • Maintaining detailed premium and loss schedules by insured.
  • Insurance claims  – A committed approach to claims settlement.
  • Insurance Broker / Insurer Assessment – A totally independent and objective analysis.