About us

Our Philosphy

The most important adage and the only adage is that the customer comes first.

Our Mission

The mission of Risk Tech Solutions is to the use of risk management practices in order to protect S.M.E's physical loss & financial loss.

Our Goal

1) to provides them with informed and independent advice.
2) to identify insurance to suit their changing needs.
3) is priced and linked, to their commitment to good risk management.
4) allows them to delegate management and purchasing to trusted and experienced professionals.

We in Risk Tech Solutions believe in client Satisfaction.

We DO NOT have ties with any broker or insurer. We often work with your existing BROKER / AGENT to help them achieve the cost and cover improvements we identify.

Our  Risk and Insurance Audits are totally independent, unbiased and a good illustration of the professional standards you would expect from industry experts.

Assessing Loss Exposures
  • Property
  • Liability
  • Personnel
  • Net Incomne
  1. Enterprise Risk Management
  2. Business Continuity & Catastrophe Recovery Planning
  3. Alternate Risk Transfer Methods
  4. Basel 2
  5. Insurance Planning & Implimentation

Risk  Management  Team

Our Risk Managers have rich engineering background from various fields, like electrical, chemical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, project etc.

Insurance  Management  Team

Our market knowledge and experience are difficult to better – our CEO alone can claim 15+ years looking after the insurance needs of Indian Small And Medium Enterprises.